Bradley Thoroughbred’s has been conducting appraisals of thoroughbred bloodstock for seventeen years. We would like to express our commitment to making BT’s appraisal services available to you when you need us.

With over thirty years of experience in the thoroughbred industry, Peter Bradley and the staff of BT have an insight into both the national and international thoroughbred markets. Bradley Thoroughbred’s, LLC was founded in 1995. The firm trades in mares, racehorses, broodmares, stallion prospects, stallion shares and breeding nominations. We advise clients regarding both their racing and breeding decisions, manage racing partnerships, and have been involved in the syndication and management of stallions. Being an active participant in the thoroughbred market place provides us with knowledge of valuation that only comes with years of experience.

BT appraises approximately a thousand thoroughbreds yearly for estates, banks, and insurance companies, as well as individuals’ holdings. While giving due consideration to historic cost and the concept of conservatism, in conducting our appraisals we take into account the most up to date market information available including comparable sales of similar bloodstock. Where relevant, we also use mathematical formulas to confirm value and provide a basis of our valuations. We strive to ensure that our appraisals are delivered in a timely manner. Contact us if you would like an appraisal done.


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