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Racing Ventures

What are Racing Ventures?

Bradley Thoroughbreds’ Racing Ventures are predicated on the total experience and excitement of Thoroughbred racing. In an inherently high risk game our mission is to find opportunities to race at the highest levels while keeping the costs as fair and reasonable as possible.

We look to provide a shared experience that begins with a passion for the sport in which the well-being of the horse is our foremost priority. Communication is paramount, and timely updates will enhance a level of interest and understanding that our clients should expect.

As co-owners, our clients are our partners. While the day to day management of the horses lies with Bradley Thoroughbreds and their trainers, the co-owners have an active role in decisions pertaining to the horses in these ventures.

Bradley Thoroughbred Racing Ventures seeks a small though diverse group of investors whose enthusiasm for the sport of Thoroughbred horse racing equals our own. In combining our talents and passions we will strive to succeed in the “Greatest Game Played Outdoors”!

“Come Run With Us!”

Benifits of Ownership

VIP Experience

  • Complete concierge service to races
  • Access to the backside for morning works
  • Introduction to world class trainers, jockeys and other co-owners


  • We strive to answer your questions before you have them
  • When your horse does anything. You will know!
  • Updates on races, works, entries, results and shipping


  • Thoroughbred ownership is a lifestyle, and we have fun. Fun for us is getting our co-owners to the winners circle and access to the biggest events the industry has to offer.

Bradley Thoroughbreds has been putting together co-ownerships or as we like to say, racing ventures, since 2012. Our co-owners have come to realize the thrill of thoroughbred ownership. The numbers don’t lie, here’s why we say:

“Come Run With Us!”


  • Initial investment can be as low as $10,000
  • Co-Owners pay a commission on the purchase price but NO management fees are incurred thereafter.
  • The estimated expense for training a racehorse is $6,000 per month.  The cost is divided pro-rata among the Co-Owners.
  • Expenses related to training include but are not limited to day rate, veterinarian, shipping cost, blacksmith, insurance, etc.
  • BT has a roster of 15-20 horses in training.
  • Click here to view our current roster.
  • Click here to view our current trainers.
  • Co-Owners can diversify their investment among multiple horses to have more action at the racetrack and mitigate risk.
  • Co-Owners have the opportunity of working with knowledgeable and experienced people in the racing industry to augment the ownership experience and increase success.
  • Your voice matters!  In a BT Racing Venture, Co-Owners are considered active participants and are involved in decision making.
  • Most syndicates mark-up the purchase price of the horse and require owners to pay a management fee.  At BT you pay your percent of the purchase price of the horse and a commission. There are no management fees; however, BT receives 5% of the horse’s earnings and a percentage of the revenue in the event the venture realizes a profit.
  • BT recognizes its Co-Owners. Our largest investors’ names appear on the ownership line when their horse is entered to run.
  • Your voice matters! In most syndicates, the Manager makes all decisions.  In a BT Racing Venture, Co-Owners are considered active participants and are involved in decision making.
  • You may be able to treat this venture as a business instead of a hobby, enabling you to deduct your expenses including vet bills, monthly training bills, and the expense of going to see your horse race. Racehorses are depreciated over 3 years. These tax implications should be reviewed with your accountant.
  • How to treat this venture as a business instead of a hobby?
    1. Keep accurate business files and financial records
    2. Keep emails, pedigrees, race records in a file.
    3. It’s best to have a separate bank account for your horse business.
  • BT Racing Venture horses are insured through Limestone Equine Insurance Agency.  Each owner is charged for their portion of the insurance fees.  The standard mortality rate for a racehorse is 4.5% per year.

We want you to

Come Run With Us

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