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Seasons/Shares and Matings

Bradley Thoroughbreds has been advising breeders on matings for their mares for over 25 years. There are numerous factors that should be addressed in planning a mating, and the mating game is far from an exact science.

  • Is the mating for commercial or racing purposes?  Producing a racehorse is always the end game, but there are different components to consider when breeding to sell.
  • Understanding what doesn’t work in a pedigree is perhaps more important than what does.
  • Matching the right phenotypes as well as genotypes.
  • Once the mating decision is made, BT is competitive in finding the best price possible for your stallion nomination. Seasons/Shares

As with all sectors of the industry, the foundation of success is in the information gathered.  We take pride in every mating we do and would love to help you make a decision.  We look forward to working with you.

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